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Telecommunication services for business

Keep your business and data always connected with high-speed national and international connectivity services.

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Secure Data Center Solutions

Give your applications the Data Center they deserve. Ensure highest availability and lowest latency right from the center of Europe.

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Cloud Computing Services

Benefit from the cloud advantage and experience how a flexible ICT environment can boost your business and reduce costs.

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U&US 5 - November 2016

Cybersecurity Special file: In an interconnected world, companies are increasingly dependent on information systems. They become more vulnerable to cyber-attacks which are constantly multiplying and increasingly complex to grasp. Digitalisation represents a perpetual source of cyber threats and a constant challenge for the IT Department, which must be particulary viglant to secure its information system.

About Telindus Telecom

As an expert in telecommunications and IT, Telindus Telecom offers the best of both worlds. Find the perfect combination of highly competitive connectivity and datacenter solutions together with IT solutions tailored to your specific business needs.

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