CyberSecurity Incident Response Team

Who is Telindus-CSIRT ?

CSIRTTelindus Cyber Security Incident Response Team (also known as Telindus-CSIRT) is a private CERT/CSIRT, defined, owned and operated by Telindus S.A. from the territory of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg.

Telindus-CSIRT is the response entity for the cybersecurity and computer security incidents related to the Autonomous System Number (ASN) AS56665 also known as ASN-Telindus-Telecom

It covers incidents originated from or targeted the Autonomous System AS56665 and services that Telindus S.A. offers to its customers and to its employees (ISP customers base and Commercial organization) . Consequently, the Telindus S.A.’s customers using IP address(es) belonging to the Autonomous System AS56665 are included in the constituency of Telindus-CSIRT  wherever their physical location.

Telindus-CSIRT may not have the authority to respond every reported security events, vulnerabilities and incidents related to AS56665 and associated ranges of IP adresses. In such a case, Telindus-CSIRT may coordinate and/or support the incident response and vulnerability response and alerts & warning services with the interested parties in compliance with the Law.

What are missions of Telindus-CSIRT ?

The rfc2350 of Telindus-CSIRT is available at Telindus-CSIRT-rfc2350.pdf (sig)

Mission of Telindus-CSIRT is to provide the following set of information security incident management related services to its constituency:

  • Provide a response facility to cybersecurity and information security incidents
  • Setup of a Central-Point-of-Contact for cybersecurity and information security incidents between Telindus S.A., its constituency and various CSIRTs
  • Support Telindus S.A. internal operational teams to respond from cybersecurity and information security incidents
  • Coordinate communication among various incident response teams
  • Provide security expertise and advice

How to contact Telindus-CSIRT ?

  • E-mail : <csirt (at) telindus (dot) lu> (preferred method/ preferably encrypted)
  • Phone : +352 450 915-1
  • Hours of operation : 09h00-17h00 CET from Monday to Friday except during Luxembourg’s public holidays
  • Outside of these hours / in case of emergency / for operational problems : <telecomsd (at) telindus (dot) lu>

What is the PGP key of Telindus-CSIRT ?

Telindus-CSIRT has an OpenPGP public key available on public key servers or Telindus-CSIRT-public_key.asc

  • KeyID is 6E2EA9F8
  • Fingerprint is B6FB 4A00 5437 BA53 69D2 C379 F121 EBA2 6E2E A9F8

What are services provided by Telindus-CSIRT ?

In line with the generic description of CSIRT Services maintained by the CERT Division of the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) of Carnegie Mellon University, Telindus-CSIRT provides a set of Reactive, Proactive and Security Quality Management services as per described in the rfc2350

Reactive services

  • Alerts and warnings
  • Incident handling
  • Vulnerability handling

Proactive services

  • Announcements
  • Technology watch
  • Security audits or assessments
  • Configuration and maintenance of security tools, applications, and infrastructures

Security quality management services

  • Risk Analysis
  • Security consulting for governance and compliance
  • Awareness building
  • Education/Training
  • Security infrastructure management
  • Ethical hacking

How to report incidents to Telindus-CSIRT ?

When submitting your incident report, please use the form available at

How to notify vulnerabilities to Telindus-CSIRT ?

When submitting your vulnerability notification, please use the form available at

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