U-free – Desktop as a Service

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Access business applications anywhere, anytime, anyhow. Virtually free – totally mobile.

Our U-free  solution virtualizes your workstations to make business applications easily accessible in the cloud. Fixed and predictable monthly cost per user.


Support new ways of working

Provide employees with the mobility required by a new business reality built on collaboration, teleworking, mobile work and IT consumerization.

Manage your costs

One employee, one monthly subscription - repeat and scale. Add, remove or reuse user workstations. U-free adapts to your needs without investments.

Forget about IT

Rely on IT systems that work always, instantly and quickly. U-free offers total coverage with guaranteed availability.

Check the helpline

Your business should never be blocked because of an IT problem. If a problem is detected: one number to call. Our experts take immediate action - remotely or on site.

Secure your data

Your data is crucial. Our integrated Disaster Recovery Plan guarantees full protection:
- Automatic backups
- Redundancy
- Monitoring
Data and applications are stored in Luxembourg, access is encrypted and the system protected against viruses and hackers.

Improve business activity

Telindus Telecom U-free integrates with your existing applications. This optimal information flow will significantly improve your business performance.

Gain time

Free yourself from time-consuming management of workstations and mobile devices through  cloud computing.


Virtual Workstations

U-free gives access to virtual desktop applications through an ultra-secure portal available on any device (PC, Mac, tablet, Smartphone).

• Centralize corporate data for better control
• Work live on documents via traditional office tools (Microsoft, Adobe)
• Master operational costs and lighten capital expenditures

Hosting of business applications

Business applications are locally hosted in Telindus Telecom datacenters. They are remotely accessed through the web browser of a device in secured Desktop as a Service mode.

• Increase workforce productivity through process optimization
• Secure applications on a reliable local platform
• Reduce hosting costs

Hosted messaging and cooperation tools

Manage and share schedules, dashboards, docs and indices with relevant stakeholders. Increase productivity through high-end cloud solutions and collaborative tools with ultra-secured hosting (anti-spam, antivirus, backup).

• Centralize agendas, contacts and docs
• Post & share e-mails and working documents
• Access & manage personal storage

Secured mobility & teleworking

Motivate your staff and enjoy the ease of teleworking in a virtual & collaborative office. Facilitate communication and connection between employees, within the company as well as outside.

Prepare your company for the convergence of professional and private worlds, while perfectly mastering the aspects of security and confidentiality.