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Increase your employees’ productivity and mobility through the Telindus Telecom
U-share data sharing solution. Share and collaborate securely, wherever you are!

To cover the availability, efficiency and productivity needs of your business at all times,
Telindus Telecom U-share provides a complete and efficient data sharing solution that
allows you to enhance the performance of your employees on the move, while ensuring
security and confidentiality of the shared data.netappnetapp


Store, modify and share all your business data on a single platform


Access your contents safely, wherever you are


Secure your data in Tier IV datacenters in Luxembourg

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16-04-18 - Telindus - U-Touch - icone-texte - augmentezIncrease your employee’s productivity

Keep control!

Nowadays, your employees do not wish to separate from their own computer equipment. Because they save their data and their contacts and access their favourite social networks on it. Shortly, because they juggle with it without thinking about it, for their professional tasks and private purposes. More and more employees use consumer IT solutions which boost collaboration on their own devices, without worrying about the security of the shared data. In response to this threat, Telindus Telecom U-share reconciles the user expectations in terms of simplicity of use and the requirements of IT departments for security and data management.

Be more productive!

Telindus Telecom U-share is a collaboration facilitator. With U-share, position yourself in an innovative way compared to your competitors: Simplify your project management, share files and consolidate data on a single platform. The purpose? Improve teamwork and increase its members’ performance and efficiency.you all the advantages of a cloud based UCaaS solution imbued with professional service and support.


16-04-18 - Telindus - U-Touch - icone-texte - augmentezBe reassured, your data is safe!

Secure your data!

Fully hosted in Telindus’highly secure Tier IV datacenters in Luxembourg, Telindus Telecom U-share meets your company’s needs: access control, optimal data security and protection against external threats.

Be easy!

You can sleep on both ears. Our Telindus experts are available at any time, 24 h/24, 7 days /7, to ensure the performance and availability of your data platform.


16-04-18 - Telindus - U-Touch - icone-texte - augmentezA solution that adapts to your needs

Manage with ease!

The various offered services are available immediately on demand. Our solution is scalable and allows you to manage platform resources, services or users easily in a few clicks.

Live in the era of responsiveness!

In a few of words, U-share is a mobile and flexible sharing solution. Simple and reliable, scalable and secure, U-share offers many possibilities. In shared, private or hybrid mode, the solution adapts to your specific needs.


Productivity and mobility

Increase your employees’ productivity while traveling, by providing them with the opportunity to create, modify and share business contents safely at any time and from any device.

  • Synchronize and access your data from anywhere and any device
  • Whatever the device used, benefit from a unified user experience on your platform.
  • Synchronize all your files automatically from your computer, smartphone or touch pad
  • Store your data on a single secure and efficient platform
  • Create, edit and share business files easily
  • Benefit from an intuitive user interface

Collaboration and sharing

With this new space for exchange and sharing, simplify collaboration between your employees, partners and customers.

• Enjoy a secure common space within which project stakeholders share, collaborate and work together easily.

• Improve your work process by encouraging collaboration.

• Simplify project management through the creation of workgroups and manage their members, roles and privileges with ease.

• Be sure that the working groups share and use the most recent documents.

• Share large files instantly thanks to a user friendly interface.

• Send attachments directly from your Microsoft® Outlook messaging system.

• Save previous versions of your documents and restore deleted files quickly and easily.

Direct and universal access to corporate content

From any mobile device, access all of the company's content easily.

• Simplify and secure the sharing of your files with your partners and customers.

• Get a mobile access to view the content hosted on your local network.

• Get an overview of your stored data and consolidate the information in one single place, for better collaboration between external and internal users.

• Save your data in the Telindus cloud and retrieve it quickly in case of crash.

• Benefit from an innovative and easy content research system.

Security and compliance of the company data

Meet your users’ needs without compromising on the security of corporate data. Confidentiality and performance ensured thanks to the deployment of a private Cloud and associated services operated by Telindus.

• Ensure the confidentiality of corporate files with a complete data encryption.

• Enjoy a highly secure solution hosted in Luxembourg and in line with the country’s regulations. The stored data and metadata remain in Luxembourg.

• Access the history of your activities, the monitoring records and the audit reports in real-time.

• Stay serene with the system’s anti-virus protection and data loss prevention process.

• Strengthen your "Bring your own device" policy and integrate U-share solutions easily with your existing mobility management.

• Manage your users thanks to the existing corporate directory and benefit from unique authentication features.

Keep control on consultation and copying of shared documents through an integrated digital rights management system.